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What kind of Excel Guru do you dare to be?

Whether you are a seasoned Excel guru or you want to start your Excel Guru journey, any of these things might be right for you…

…you want Excel Guru powers to…

express your creativity

achieve a deeper sense of satisfaction

satisfy your curiosity

impress your boss and everyone in the office

earn more money with a new job or promotion

compete for and get high-level job/contracts/gigs

help others in the office

make your reputation justifies your salary

make better decisions and support the decision making process

show your superiority to others

break free from soul-crushing projects and deadlines

escape the automatism of Excel work

What Is The Excel Guru Academy​?

I help professionals take their Excel dashboard & data handling, VBA and advanced formulas skills and confidence to the next level using simple, intuitive and in-depth lessons and without spending a fortune in Excel training.

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What Are Others Saying About John Franco And The Excel Gurus Academy?

Tom Mikolajczyk


Thank YOU, John ! (in Star Wars lingo: “Thank you, Obe-John-Kanobe!”) I look forward to your reply, and starting on my Excel Guru Journey!

Mike Fitzpatrick

Accountant, Scotland

Hi John,

Greetings from Scotland!!

I love reading your emails, and I can’t tell you how many times over the years your tips and emails have helped me or pointed me in the right direction in real life situations when I am struggling to find a solution to a particular work related problem – I really appreciate it.

Many thanks again for all your help over the years and best regards.

Chandoo, India

I recommend the “How to Extract Information from Excel Tables” course for anyone working on Excel to manage and report data. The program can teach you some really awesome tricks and help you become better at writing lookup formulas.

That, my dear reader is the easiest way to impress everyone at work and get things done.



PS: I’m very glad to see you back online again

Just wanted to say thanks for putting out such wonderful, helpful, easy-to-understand tips and instructions. You’re one of the best resources for Excel on the web! I look forward to learning about VBA!

Emad Talafeha

Chemical Engineer,, Jordan

Dear John…

Really you are fascinating and have an explanation method that is highly attractive. Your approach impressed me because it hits the point directly…

Gary Williams


Just downloaded 1.3 GB of your tutorials. Wow!…Still, your Excel teachings are the most developed & logical of any I’ve experienced or tried.

Hope I can go straight thru them this time & grow from a medium expertise in Excel to mastery, with your help.


Undisclosed origin

You bring to light useful functions/methods/approaches otherwise unknown to a significant portion of Excel users.



I Love you John Franco, you make me a master at Excel.


Internal Audit Executive , India

The best thing is that Mr. John Franco is awaking Excel users about new possibilities and some secrets of basic Excel functions and small complexities which are very relevant in day to day usage of Excel business.

Professionals from all kinds of organizations** learn Excel online here and gain fundamental Excel knowledge